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Love and Therapy | February 3, 2014

After a long, long hiatus, I am taking up the cause once again. The cause of making philosophy fun, accessible and relevant, that is. I am planning a salon for this coming March which promises to be very exciting. This time, I am not the only philosopher! I am very pleased to have secured a brilliant prof from the University of Toronto to speak on a topic about which he has just written a fascinating book. The topic, once again, will be Love, and details will be announced very soon.

I have also begun a new website related to my work as a philosophical therapist, so please check me out at the Centre For Philosophical Therapy. I hope to be posting my philosophical observations there on a regular basis. This site will just be for info on and summaries of salons that I will hold from time to time.


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About author

My name is Joanna Polley. I am a writer and a philosopher experimenting with ways of practicing and teaching philosophy outside of the university environment. I completed my PhD at the University of Toronto and have taught for several years in the departments of philosophy and literary studies, and am currently exploring ways to bring philosophy out of the ivory tower and into the wider public sphere. My specific research interests have been in the history of philosophy, philosophy of language and culture and the philosophy of literature, but I am interested in any philosophy that helps illuminate contemporary problems and deepens our experience of being alive. You can also visit me at for information about my philosophical therapy services.







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